Enabling JDBC Logging

The Denodo JDBC driver can generate logging information that may help you troubleshoot issues when connecting to Virtual DataPort with the JDBC driver.

To store the log messages to a file, add the following properties to the JDBC connection or to the URL.

  • loggerLevel: level used for logging the messages. Allowed values:

    • SEVERE (only log severe errors)


    • INFO

    • FINE

    • FINER

    • FINEST (log all events)

    • OFF

  • loggerFile (optional): path of the file that will store the log messages.

  • loggerConsole (optional): set to true to print the log messages in the console.

  • loggerNativeCalls (optional): if true, the driver logs information related to the communications between the driver and Virtual DataPort.


JDBC connection URL sample enabling the log
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