Output Schema of the LIST Command

This section lists the output of the of the LIST commands when executed from a JDBC or an ODBC client.


When these commands are executed from the “VQL Shell” of the Administration Tool, they return information that should only be used for debugging purposes and may change in the future.

The output schema of all the LIST commands (LIST WRAPPERS, LIST DATASOURCES …) has only one column: name, except for the commands

  • LIST JARS: returns the columns: JAR_NAME, FUNCTIONS_TYPE, FUNCTIONS. The values of the columns FUNCTIONS_TYPE, FUNCTIONS are NULL if the jar does not contain a custom function. Otherwise, the output contains a row for each type of function of the jar:

    • FUNCTIONS_TYPE: indicates the type of the function: CONDITION or AGGREGATE.

    • FUNCTIONS: names of the functions contained in the jar.

  • LIST FUNCTIONS CUSTOM: contains the columns NAME, TYPE and SYNTAX. The command returns a row for each signature of each function. The TYPE column indicates if the function is an aggregation function or a condition function.

  • LIST ROLES: contains the columns NAME, DESCRIPTION and ROLES. The last column contains the list of roles granted to this role.

  • LIST DATABASES INFO: contains the columns NAME, DESCRIPTION and then a set of columns with various database configuration data.

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