Creating Servers

A server contains the required information to connect to a Virtual DataPort server through JMX. It is represented in the tree area with the server icon.

There are two ways to create a server:

  1. In the Options menu, click New Server.

  2. Or in the tree area, right-click on home or on an environment environment and click New Server….

The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool will open the dialog below. Fill the form and click Create.

Dialog to create a new server

Dialog to create a new server

The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool will use the credentials and the database you enter to create the JMX connection to Virtual DataPort. If the database is not set, admin will be used by default. This user account needs to meet these conditions:

  • Be an administrator user.

  • Or have the monitor_admin role.


If the Virtual DataPort server has configured the LDAP authentication for a specific database, you have to set the Database field to connect to that server using a LDAP user.


If you want to connect to the server using Kerberos authentication, you still need to provide valid values for the user and password fields. Although you have logged in the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool using Single Sign-On, your credentials are not reused when monitoring a server.

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