Introducing the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

To access the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool from the local machine connect to http://localhost:9090/diagnostic-monitoring-tool if you are running the Denodo Platform, or http://localhost:19090/diagnostic-monitoring-tool if you are in a Denodo Solution Manager.

Once you successfully log in the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool, you will access to the main window.

Main window of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

Main window of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

This window is divided into three areas:

  1. Header: You will find here the logout link and, under the Options menu, the configuration of the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool.

  2. Tree area: The catalog shows a tree with environments, clusters and Virtual DataPort servers to monitor. Under any server of the catalog, you can create diagnostics from log files. The toolbar at the top allows you to export your catalog and import it later. In addition, you can unfold a menu at the bottom, which provides extra information of the selected element in the catalog.

  3. Working area: The data you are monitoring or diagnosing is presented here organized by tabs.

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