Virtual DataPort exposes management information of the server with its Java Management eXtensions (JMX) interface. You can access this information in real-time with a JMX client like JavaTM VisualVM. Nevertheless, this information is distributed through several management objects called MBeans, which group together related data, an easy way for machines to access the data, but not for people.

The Denodo Monitor gathers information about the Virtual DataPort servers for a later analysis. When a problem occurs, you have all the information you need to find its cause. However, browsing the logs directly is a tedious task that can suppose a great effort.

The Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool tackles both issues:

  1. Monitoring: it displays real-time information of one or more Virtual DataPort servers.

  2. Diagnostic: it processes log files generated by Virtual DataPort servers and the Denodo Monitor to help diagnosing past problems.

This document explains how to use this tool.

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