Displaying the Contents of the Cache

For each query whose data is cached, the Server stores a Query Pattern that later is used to know if a query can be “solved” with the data stored in the cache. The Denodo stored procedure CACHE_CONTENT returns information about the Query Patterns stored in the cache. See the section Cache Module of the Administration Guide for more information about Query Patterns.

Syntax of the CACHE_CONTENT procedure
CACHE_CONTENT( <database:string>, <view:string> )

The output of this procedure has the following fields that describe the Query Pattern:

  • QueryPatternId: the ID of the Query Pattern.

  • DatabaseName: the name of the database.

  • ViewName: the name of the view.

  • NumCondition: Number of conditions.

  • Conditions: List of conditions.

  • ProjectedFields: List of projected fields. If blank, it means that all the fields of the view were projected.

  • ExpirationDate: Expiration date of the Query Pattern.

  • Status of the Query Pattern. Its values can be Valid, Invalid or Processing.

Sample invocation of the CACHE_CONTENT procedure
CALL CACHE_CONTENT('admin', 'incidences')
  • If the input parameter view is NULL, the procedure returns information about all the Query Patterns of database.

  • If the input parameter database is NULL, the procedure returns information about the Query Patterns of the database you are currently connected to.

  • This procedure can be executed only by administrators or local administrators of the database you are obtaining its Query Patterns of.

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