DELETE Statement

The DELETE statement deletes the tuples of a view that verify a certain condition by updating the underlying data source.

Syntax of the DELETE statement
DELETE FROM <view identifier> [ WHERE <condition> ]
    [ CONTEXT ( <context information> [, <context information>]* ) ]
    [ TRACE ]

<condition> ::=
      <condition> AND <condition>
    | <condition> OR <condition>
    | NOT <condition>
    | ( <condition> )
    | <value> <binary operator> <value> [ , <value> ]*
    | <value> <unary operator>

For example, the following statement deletes the tuples of the internet_inc view where the value for the iinc_id attribute is greater than 4:

DELETE FROM internet_inc WHERE iinc_id > 4

As a result of executing this statement, the corresponding tuples in the source database will be deleted in the table associated with the internet_inc view.


This statement does not work with Microsoft Excel sources because of limitations in the Excel ODBC Driver provided by Microsoft Windows.

Finally, the DELETE condition can be a subquery when the full DELETE query is delegable to a unique JDBC data source:

DELETE FROM v WHERE (id) in (SELECT FROM v2 B WHERE B.field2 = 'beta');
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