Connection Parameters

The statements to create SOAP Web services, REST Web services and old Web services have the same parameters to manage the connection established by the Service to Virtual DataPort, in order to retrieve the data from the published views.

These parameters are the following:

  • CHUNKSIZE, CHUNKTIMEOUT, QUERYTIMEOUT. Their interpretation is the same as in any other Virtual DataPort client (see the section Connection Parameters of the Administration Guide).

  • POOLENABLED. If TRUE, the Service will use a pool of connections to the Server. We strongly recommend setting this to TRUE.

  • POOLINITSIZE. If POOLENABLED is TRUE, it is the initial number of connections to be opened in the pool.

  • POOLMAXACTIVE. If POOLENABLED is TRUE, it is the maximum number of connections in the pool. If it is a negative value, the number is unlimited.

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