The stored procedure GET_VIEW_STATISTICS returns the statistics of a view. Each row of the result represents the statistics of the field of the view.

If the statistics of the view have not been gathered yet, this procedure returns 0 rows. You can gather the statistics of a view using the stored procedure GENERATE_SMART_STATS_FOR_FIELDS or from the administration tool, in the dialog Options > Statistics of the view.


      input_database_name : text
    , input_name : text
  • input_database_name (mandatory): database of the view.

  • input_name (mandatory): name of the view.

The procedure returns one row per field of the view, with these fields:

  • database_name: name of database of the view.

  • name: name of the view.

  • field_name: name of the field.

  • rows_number: number of rows of the view. This value is the same for all the rows of the view.

  • average_size: for text fields, the average length; for fields of other type, average size in bytes.

  • min_value: minimum value of the field.

  • max_value: maximum value of the field.

  • distinct_values: number of distinct values for the field.

  • null_values: number of null values for the field.


This procedure returns 0 rows in three situations:

  1. If the user does not have the privilege EXECUTE over the view.

  2. If the view does not exist.

  3. If the statistics of the view have not been gathered.

Privileges Required

This procedure only returns information about a view if the user has the EXECUTE privilege over the view. Otherwise, it does not return any row.


Example 1

SELECT field_name, rows_number, average_size, min_value, max_value, distinct_values, null_values
WHERE input_database_name = 'customer_report'
    AND input_name = 'invoice'

This query obtains the statistics of all the fields of the view “invoice” (database “customer_report”).

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