Statements to Work with GIT

This section describes the command required to work with GIT. The commands are different than for Subversion and Microsoft TFS because GIT is a distributed version control system and the other ones are centralized systems.


We do not recommend using VCS-related commands manually or through CI/CD processes, as these are commands designed to be used by the Administration Tool and the Design Studio.

To modify programmatically the VCS configuration of a Denodo database, check the section Creating and Modifying Virtual DataPort Databases.


DVCSCOMMIT checks the specified element into the version control repository, along with the dependencies of the element that have been modified.

Syntax of the DVCSCOMMIT statement
DVCSCOMMIT <element-path:literal> [ LOGMESSAGE <log-message:literal> ]

Optionally, you can add a message to the commit in the LOGMESSAGE clause.


DVCSPUSH transfers the commits of a database from your local repository to the remote repository.

Syntax of the DVCSPUSH statement
DVCSPUSH <database_name:literal>


DVCSPULL merges the commits to a database, on the remote repository into your local repository.

Syntax of the DVCSPULL statement
DVCSPULL <database_name:literal>


DVCSREVERT resets the local repository of a database to a specific commit. To do so, it reverts each commit, starting from the last one, until it reaches the selected commit.

Syntax of the DVCSREVERT statement
DVCSREVERT <database name:literal> <commit id:literal>
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