The “Relationships” page shows a graph with the views of the server and their associations.

Graph with associations

Graph with associations

By default, the tool only displays the views with associations. Clear the check box Show only views with associations to display all the views.

You can zoom in/out the diagram and export it to a file.

An association links two views, each playing a role in the association. In the graph, the rectangles represent views and the arrows, the roles of the view in the associations.

Move the mouse over a view to see information about:

  • The database it belongs to.

  • The number and name of the views associated with this one.

Double-click on the name of a view to go to the Query tab of that view (see section Query of Views).

Move the mouse over the arrow of an association to see information about it: the roles and multiplicity of the views involved in the association and their mapping.

You can focus the graph of associations on a specific database and/or view, by using the Select Database and Select View options.

Centering the graph of associations in a view

Centering the graph of associations in a view

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