A data catalog organizes data assets and it helps provides context around the data of your organization so business users know what data is available and can effectively use it to make impactful business decisions.

The Denodo Data Catalog is a web application that interacts with Virtual DataPort so users can query and browse all the information accessible through Denodo.

This document explains how to use the Denodo Data Catalog, which is included with the Denodo Platform.


In Denodo Standard, the Data Catalog is not available. See also Denodo Standard の制限事項.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at two types of users:

  • Administrators: the document explains how to install and configure the Data Catalog.

  • Business users that want to query, search or browse data using Virtual DataPort.

Summary of Contents

More specifically, this document explains:

  • How to install and launch the Data Catalog.

  • How to configure it.

  • How to use it to query and browse the information and the metainformation of a Virtual DataPort server.

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