Copying Saved Queries

Each saved query has an arrow icon (image0) which lets the user to share copies of the query with other users, by enabling the Allow copying query check box.

Sharing a saved query

Sharing a saved query

Once enabled, a link to create a copy of the query is shown (Getting the link for sharing a query). From this moment, when any authenticated user navigates to that link, a copy of the query associated to that URL is created in the Query tab of the pertinent view. Then, this user could execute it, modify it or save it as her own query. The owner of the query can invalidate the link at any moment, by disabling the Allow copying query check box. From that moment, the link could not be used to create copies of the query anymore.

Once the query is allowed to copy, its arrow icon changes to image1.

When another user navigates to the link to copy a query, a dialog displaying the name and description of the query is shown. Then, the user can:

  • Load the copy of the query

  • Save the query

  • Cancel the operation

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