Use of the ChangePassword Script

The script change_password updates the Scheduler Index password. It is available in the tools/arn-index directory of the platform. It is provided in two versions: (for Linux systems) and change_password.bat (for Windows systems).

Its syntax is the following:

change_password -h host -p port -l login -P password -n newPassword


-h host indicates the name or IP address of the machine where the server is launched.

-p port indicates the port number at which the server is launched.

-l login indicates the login name used to connect to the server.

-P password indicates the password used to connect to the server. You can encrypt your password using the script encrypt_password. That way you can avoid entering it in plain text. If the password is encrypted, prefix it with encrypted: E.g. -P encrypted:Gr16MjvuXhRzPtPH/yTXHw== -n indicates the new local-based password.

The line below is an example of running the export command:

change_password -h localhost -p 8000 -l admin -P admin -n new_admin_password

This command updates Scheduler Index password with new_admin_password.