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Denodo for Cloud Marketplaces 8.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are the various Denodo product offerings available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform Marketplaces?

Today, there are several Denodo subscription offerings, including  Denodo Professional, Denodo Standard, Denodo Enterprise and Denodo Enterprise Plus available on the cloud marketplaces.

The Denodo Professional and the new Denodo Standard offerings launched in February 2022 provide core data virtualization capabilities and help you get started in a cost-effective manner using the pay-as-you-go features of the cloud marketplaces.

The Denodo Enterprise and the Denodo Enterprise Plus are advanced platforms allowing you to deploy logical data fabrics and in the case of Denodo Enterprise Plus advanced AI/ML Recommendations and Semantic Security layers

Denodo Professional (pay-as-you-go): AWS | Azure | GCP

Denodo Standard (pay-as-you-go): AWS | Azure | GCP

Denodo Enterprise (pay-as-you-go): AWS | Azure | GCP 

Denodo Enterprise Plus (pay-as-you-go): AWS | Azure | GCP 

Users also have the option of annual pricing or private offers via the cloud marketplaces. Several users prefer the private offer route, as it provides a lot more flexibility with deployment and licensing.

What are the prerequisites to getting started with Denodo on a cloud marketplace?

Users can quickly get started on a cloud marketplace as long as they have a valid cloud account through their employer or even a personal cloud account. It is preferable to use the one provisioned by their employers, so that they can perform thorough validation using their business data.

What type of skills are needed to deploy data virtualization and get started with Denodo on a cloud marketplace?

Getting started on a cloud marketplace is easy. First, you need to understand the deployment options, and you may need to get help from your cloud administrator, such as the virtual private cloud (VPC) where you deploy the solution. Denodo’s quick-start guides provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Can Denodo’s pay-as-you-go subscription be stopped at any time?

Yes. Users have full control over their usage, and can stop or cancel their pay-as-you-go subscription at any time. For annual subscriptions, the payments cannot be refunded once they cross a certain time threshold, as defined by the marketplace terms of agreement.

Can customers use their on-premises licenses to install Denodo in the cloud?

Customers can use the bring-your-own-license (BYOL) option to bring their on-premises licenses to the cloud and manage them accordingly. For example, if customers have licensed 8 cores as part of their multi-server license, they can leverage 4 cores on-prem and 4 cores in the cloud, as they see fit. Denodo provides a BYOL listing (composed of Solution Manager and the Virtual DataPort (VDP) server) via the cloud marketplaces, to help users get started with their BYOL licenses.

Do marketplace subscriptions include Solutions Manager support?

Yes, the marketplace offerings include:

  • Denodo Solution Manager – included with annual subscription 
  • One Denodo production instance (VDP- Virtual DataPort server) – hourly priced (pay-as-you-go)
  • One Denodo development instance – included with annual subscription

All marketplace subscriptions are single-server instances of the Denodo software. Users are encouraged to sign up for an annual subscription via private offer, with which they can explore multi-server licenses, upgradeable support options, and custom pricing.

Users pay for the infrastructure cost and have full control over the Denodo instance running under their cloud account.

Does Denodo offer a free trial on the AWS, Azure, or GCP marketplace?

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial of Denodo Professional available via all three of the above cloud marketplaces.

What happens after the cloud marketplace 30-day free trial expires? Is there a way to extend it?

A 30-day period is a good way to validate and test a data virtualization use case. After the 30-day period, the free trial converts to a Denodo pay-as-you-go subscription. Users have the option to shut down their free trial instance to avoid further charges. We have excellent resources lined up to provide help and support during the free-trial period, to assist you in completing your use-case validation and to help you decide your best option for moving forward.

How is a test drive different from a cloud marketplace free trial, and which one is best for me?

A test drive provides a way to quickly learn about and explore Denodo data virtualization via a variety of use-case scenarios with the help of a user guide. It provides a hands-on experience for two hours and can be used more than once. There is no charge for a test drive, and it is available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

The free trial is for an extended period (up to 30 days) and provides the ability to explore the Denodo Platform in depth, to perform a proof of concept (POC) or to validate a cloud related use case. Users can test and play with their own data sources, which they cannot do with a test drive.

Is official Denodo Support available with the cloud marketplace subscription, and during a free trial?

Absolutely. You can sign up for Denodo Support directly on the cloud marketplace and it is included during the free trial period as well. There is a link for signing up, and you can open tickets directly with the Denodo Support team. In addition, users are also eligible to receive pre-sales support and guidance when they sign up for a free trial.

Is Denodo’s D-PASS (Periodic Assessment and Success Services) included with a marketplace subscription?

Yes, D-PASS is included with all annual subscriptions or annual private offers. The scope of services may vary depending on the type of offering. Contact Denodo Support or your account manager for further details.

How does marketplace deployment help customers with budget constraints?

Denodo’s pay-as-you-go option helps you manage costs. Users pay only for the time they use the Denodo production instance, and they can shut it down when they are not using it, to manage the overall cost. Billing is handled by the cloud vendor, and the charges will appear on your billing statement from the cloud vendor.

Is it possible to upgrade from one Denodo subscription to  to other Denodo subscriptions on the cloud marketplaces? 

Unfortunately, you cannot automatically switch or transition from one instance type to another. You would need to stop the current Denodo instance and then start up the other instance. You would need to export the VQL(metadata, , start a new subscription of  Denodo, and then import the VQL. It is a fairly straightforward and well defined process.

Can I use the Solution Manager on-premises to manage the licensing on the cloud instances, via the marketplace?

You can use the Solution Manager to work in a hybrid environment with the BYOL option in the cloud.

Can I apply a BYOL license to the marketplace instance on AWS or Azure?

This is not supported or recommended. Marketplace subscriptions are managed by the cloud vendors, and they would continue to charge infrastructure fees, which you would need to pay, in addition to payment for the Denodo license associated with that instance.

Subscriptions are registered on the cloud marketplaces, so as long as the instance is up-and-running, the metering is ON in the background. Users can decide to stop the instances (to avoid billing) or cancel a subscription if they desire to do so.

Who installs Denodo fixes and updates on the cloud marketplaces?

For marketplace instances, you are responsible for applying hotfixes, updates, etc., as and when necessary, just as you would have to do for on-premises environments. With recent versions of the Denodo Platform, and enhancements to Solution Manager and automated deployment modes, Denodo has made this process a lot simpler and easier to manage.

Who manages the billing on AWS, Azure, or GCP marketplace subscriptions?

All of the billing is managed by the appropriate cloud vendor, which is a huge benefit for users.