The Fastest Way to Data Virtualization. Free, for Life

Denodo Express offers the essential features of Denodo's award-winning Data Virtualization platform in an ultra-easy-to-use package. It's free to download, develop and use. You get on-line community-based support and tons of online tutorials and how-to videos from the experts at Denodo. There are no hidden costs, risks or road blocks. And at any time, you can scale with ease to experience the full power of the Denodo Platform. You will be amazed at how quickly you can start creating value for yourself, your employer, or your client. Starting now (in about 10 minutes, actually).

Denodo Express Quick Facts

  • Who can get it? Anyone with online registration (single user).
  • What is included? A complete Data Virtualization tool including: GUI-based studio and scripted development; connectors to most data sources; Web and unstructured semantic structuring; meta-data driven integration, transformation and data quality functions; real-time query optimization; caching system; batch scheduler; data services publishing; security; data governance; data discovery search/browse; monitoring; Embedded database for metadata and cache, web server, etc.
  • Volume or Capacity? Any number of sources, projects or queries. 10000 results per query.
  • Support and Training? Online community-based support, tutorials and videos are free. Online and offline fee-based training courses available.
  • License Term and Cost? One year term, renewable online annually; Free.

Best Uses for Denodo Express.

  • Data Virtualization Training
  • Departmental Projects
  • Prototype Enterprise Projects
  • Personal or Community Projects

Sample Projects on Denodo Express.

  • Agile BI / reporting solution across databases, excel spreadsheets, and data.
  • Data quality issues highlighted through virtual combination of different customer data stores and lists.
  • Provide secure RESTful data services access to protected departmental data instead of data extracts or file transfer to business partners.
  • Prototype hybrid logical data mart for analytics combining Hadoop data stores and relational databases.

Why so much for so little?

In a data-driven, agile world, we see a vision of a world where Data Virtualization is a ubiquitous and essential capability. Proven to succeed one project at a time by today's Data Managers who will become tomorrow's Data Leaders.