"invalid credentials" error starting Denodo Monitor

Applies to: Denodo 8.0 , Denodo 7.0 , Denodo 6.0
Last modified on: 06 Sep 2022
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This document explains how to solve for the following error when starting the Denodo Monitor:

Starting Denodo Monitor...

Cannot start Denodo Monitor: invalid credentials or operation not permitted

This error is caused by a misconfiguration in the credentials used by the Denodo Monitor to connect to Denodo Virtual DataPort (VDP). We will explain how to correctly configure credentials in Denodo Monitor and also how to encrypt them if necessary.


The Denodo Monitor is a tool included in the Denodo Platform that logs information about the Denodo servers. The tool is located under <DENODO_HOME>/tools/monitor.

In order to configure this tool, it is necessary to edit the file  ConfigurationParameters.properties which is located within the conf folder of the distribution. In this file, besides other configuration parameters, the properties to set the connection credentials can be found.

Denodo Virtual DataPort has a predefined administrator user (admin) with a default password. Thus, the credentials configured by default to connect the Denodo Monitor VDP are the ones that correspond with this default credentials. After a default installation of the Denodo Platform it is highly recommended to change the password of the admin user to secure the system.

If the password for the admin user has changed (or another administrator user is used to connect to VDP) then it is necessary to change the credentials in the ConfigurationParameters.preperties file. In this configuration file there is a section named: “Connection Parameters to the Denodo servers“ where it is possible to change the user and password used to connect to the different servers: VDP, ITPilot Browser Pool, Aracne, Aracne Index and Scheduler.

For each server there are the following configuration options: host, port, user and password. For instance, for the Virtual DataPort server, these are the connection parameters:





Besides these parameters there is a fifth one to indicate whether the password has been encrypted or not:


If this property is set to true then it is required to store the password value encrypted. In order to encrypt the password the Denodo monitor includes a command line script that takes the clear password as input and returns the encrypted value as an output. The script is called encrypt_password(.bat/.sh) and it can be found under <DENODO_HOME>/tools/monitor/denodo-monitor/bin. To execute the script the password value must be provided as argument, the output value can then be used as password value in the configuration file.

As a conclusion, whenever the error “invalid credentials or operation not permitted” shows up when starting the Denodo Monitor, the configuration file must be updated with the proper credentials.


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