"unrecognized method hash" error

Applies to: Denodo 7.0 , Denodo 6.0 , Denodo 5.5 , Denodo 5.0
Last modified on: 25 Jun 2020
Tags: Update VDP admin tool

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A default installation of Virtual DataPort includes the following components:

  • Virtual DataPort Server.
  • Includes all the elements to run the Server.
  • Administration Tool.
  • The graphical administration tool of Virtual DataPort as well as the classes required to develop applications that run queries with Virtual DataPort.

The Administration Tool can be also installed on a different machine from the Virtual DataPort server and can connect to the server remotely.

When the connection between the Administration Tool and the server is done remotely, it is important to remember that both components must have the same update installed.

Every time a new update is installed on the Virtual DataPort server, every client application, like an Administration Tool installed on another machine, must be updated to the same version of the update.

The following exception when executing a view can be caused by different updates installed on server and administration tool:

java.rmi.UnmarshalException: unrecognized method hash: method not supported by remote object

In addition, a JDBC client must also use the same update version of the Denodo JDBC driver as the one installed on the server the client is connecting to.


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