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SAP SuccessFactors is a SaaS solution for Human Resource management, the tool is part of the SAP suite from 2011 and it provides features in order to support HR processes.

As part of a business requirement, you may need to integrate the SAP SuccessFactors information with other data sources, and for that, you can use the Denodo Platform. SAP SuccessFactors provides an ODATA API v2 that you can use to connect Denodo to SuccessFactors in order to retrieve data from it.

Since the API published by SAP BusinessFactors is compliant with ODATA version 2, the best approach to create this connection is to use the Denodo OData2 Custom Wrapper. There are other options to use in Denodo such as treating the API as a REST web service, but using the OData2 Custom Wrapper will enable you to consume the API more easily by leveraging the OData operations.



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