Address already in use: JVM_Bind

Applies to: Denodo 6.0 , Denodo 5.5 , Denodo 5.0
Last modified on: 05 Jun 2020
Tags: Administration Error handling Port configuration

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This kind of error message means that an application is using a port where the Denodo Platform needs to launch some of its components. (e.g Virtual DataPort needs ports 9997, 9998 and 9999 available to startup).

For instance, if VDP is configured as a service to start automatically it will be running when the machine boots. By opening the Denodo Platform Control Center and clicking the “Start” button for the VDP Server, the Denodo Platform Control Center will try to startup VDP Server but all the ports will be busy (due to VDP already being started as a service), and the error message “Address already in use: JVM_Bind” will be displayed and sent to the logs.

When getting this error the following steps can be followed to solve the problem (try to start Denodo services after each step, if the error persists, go to the next step):

  1. Stop all Denodo Servers using the Denodo Platform Control Center. It is possible to have  installed more than one version of the Denodo Platform and all of them will need to be stopped.
  2. Check if any Denodo process is running as service and stop them.
  3. Check that there are no java processes running associated to a path where the Denodo Platform is installed.
  4. Check if any other application on the computer is using a Denodo reserved port. (e.g 9997, 9998 and 9999 for VDP).



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