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This document describes how to view big numbers in a non scientific notation.


Depending on the value of a float or double field, sometimes big numbers are displayed using scientific notation in the VDP admin tool. For instance, by default 48379112.46 is displayed as 4.837911246E7 in the VDP admin tool.

It is important to note that VDP is not transforming or rounding the value but just displaying the value using scientific notation. It is a default configuration in the VDP admin tool.

In order to change this configuration and view the float and double values without scientific notation go to the "Tools > Admin Tool Preferences > Locale" menu and check the option "Internationalize query results". After changing this configuration property the admin tool should display the numbers using non scientific notation.

Another option to see these values without using scientific notation is to edit the base view with these fields and to change the data type of the fields with this notation from float or double to decimal. Columns with decimal data type will never be displayed using scientific notation.


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Configuring Default Internationalization.

Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Tool Preferences


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