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This document describes how to authenticate against the Denodo Virtual DataPort server with a user with a period (.) in the name. By default, the login of VDP users can only contain letters, numbers and underscores.

It is possible to add users that authenticate via LDAP to connect to the VDP Server. Using this option you can connect to VDP even if the user login contains the "." character.

Another option is to create a VDP user that has LDAP authentication, the LDAP server is only used to check that the password provided by the user is correct. As we mentioned before, by default, the login of a VDP user can only contain letters, numbers and underscores, but since Denodo Platform 5.0 its is possible to create usernames that contain a period by changing the Identifiers Charset configuration of the server from "Restricted - Case insensitive" to "Unicode - Case sensitive".

In order to change Identifiers Charset parameter go to “Administration > Database Management” and create or edit a database.

The following dialog will appear:

Select "Unicode - Case sensitive" and click OK.

To apply this configuration to the whole server, go to  “Administration > Server Configuration > Identifiers charset”.

Then the dialog will be:

Important note: this change will affect all the databases and users in the Virtual DataPort server.


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Identifiers Charset

Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Creating a Database with LDAP Authentication.


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