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In older versions of Virtual DataPort, the comparison of literal strings is case-insensitive. From Virtual DataPort 5.0 version on, the comparison is case-sensitive by default.

In order to switch to the previous behaviour, the following property may be modified:

  • com.denodo.vdb.catalog.type.Value.caseSensitiveCompare

This property is located at:


The default value for this property is true, but with the false value, the server will switch to the previous behaviour.

It is important to note that the following elements are case sensitive in current Denodo Platform versions:

  • Connection URIs of JDBC and JMX clients:
  • Name of the database.
  • Login.
  • Value of the parameter i18n of JDBC clients
  • The login parameter of the generic Web service.
  • The input parameters of REST Web services published by the Denodo Platform.
  • The literals in the CONTEXT clause of a query are now case-sensitive.
  • The literal parameters representing maps or views in functions.
  • The literals specified as values of the “contains” operator in Aracne data sources.
  • The names of the jars of the stored procedures and custom wrappers.
  • JMS listeners:
  • XML output of JMS listeners.
  • JSON output of JMS listeners.
  • Field names in the output of JSON Web services are always in uppercase unless they are renamed.


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