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When trying to automate the deployment of a Denodo installation it is a good practice to check the status of the Denodo servers after the startup process.

For the current version of the Denodo Platform, the startup scripts of the different components will always return 0 as exit code independently of the failure or success of the startup process.

To be able to determine if the Denodo VirtualDataPort server has started successfully in an automatic manner the Denodo ping utility can be used after the startup script is invoked.

The ping script will return a response based on whether or not the server has successfully started and this can be used as part of an automated process to check the status of the server. For example, in a Linux environment, the following can be used:


$sleep 30 && ./ localhost:9999

Note that the OS command sleep is used to make sure that the VDP is up and running before validating if it has started.


How to Check If a Virtual DataPort Server Is Alive


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