Configuration file server.xml overwritten

Applies to: Denodo 5.5 , Denodo 5.0
Last modified on: 13 Mar 2018
Tags: Administration Tomcat Web container

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Important note: This article only applies to versions of the Denodo Platform older than 6.0.

Denodo Platform has an embedded Apache Tomcat where web services and web applications, such as the Scheduler Web Admin tool, are deployed.

This instance of Tomcat has a server.xml configuration file generated from <DENODO_HOME>/resources/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml.template when the Denodo Platform is installed.

In some scenarios is necessary to make changes in this file (e.g to change ssl configuration).

In order to apply the changes correctly , the file <$DENODO_HOME>/resources/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml.template has to be modified, not the actual server.xml file, and then all the Denodo services have to be stopped.

When you restart at least one of the Denodo services that uses the embedded Apache Tomcat, a new server.xml file will be generated from the template and the changes will be applied in the Tomcat instance.

From Denodo Platform 6.0 and later versions , the file  <$DENODO_HOME>/resources/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml.template no longer exists so the configuration changes have to be made in the server.xml file directly.


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