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When connecting to Denodo Virtual DataPort (VDP) through ODBC, the connections will have a default query timeout. The query timeout is the maximum time (in milliseconds) the ODBC driver will wait for a query to finish. After this time, the driver will throw an exception that can be seen from the ODBC client or in the VDP server logs:

ERROR com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.odbc.ODBCBackend  - Error: Error executing query. Total time 900.0 seconds.




The complete error message will depend on the view being queried.

The default query timeout value is 15 minutes (900000 milliseconds). It is possible to explicitly specify the query timeout configuration in an ODBC DSN data source. You may specify any connection parameters at the end of the Database field of the ODBC DSN. For example, if you are connecting to the xyz database and you want a query timeout of 100 seconds, you would specify the following value for the Database field of the DSN:


If 0 is specified as query timeout, the driver will wait indefinitely until the query finishes. It is also possible to modify the field Connect settings of the DSN  Datasource configuration dialog, Page 2,  adding the following value:

set queryTimeout to 100000

Note that only one of the options can be used. Also, take into account that if the DSN configuration is modified the new values will be applied to the new connections and not to those already opened. All the clients should be restarted to make sure that the change is applied correctly.


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