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Virtual DataPort Administration Tool provides access to other VDP databases created in the connected server in the Server Explorer. Besides, notice that the Virtual DataPort database can be accessed as any other data source to execute queries, create views, etc.

Also, the VQL Shell can be used to access other VDP databases. To access a different database from the VQL shell the connect command can be used. This command opens a new session to a different database that will allow access to the new database elements. If the session is closed the connection will go back to the original database.

For example, if a user is connected to the ‘admin’ database it is possible to execute:

connect database exampledb;

to connect to the exampledb database. In order to go back to the original database execute the close command.

At any moment to tell the database the user is connected the following command can be executed:

desc session;


Advanced VQL Guide: Describing catalog elements.

Advanced VQL Guide: Listing elements in the catalog.

Advanced VQL Guide: Removing elements from the catalog.


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