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Client applications can connect to Denodo Virtual DataPort in order to make the most of its data integration facilities. Virtual DataPort offers several mechanisms that clients can use to connect to the server. One of these mechanisms is the access through JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity).


To connect to Virtual DataPort using any JDBC client, the driver information and a valid URL must be provided. The latest version of the JDBC driver is located at:


and the class that implements the driver is



The syntax of the connection string is:

jdbc:vdb://<hostName>:<port>/[<databaseName>][?<paramName>=<paramValue>[&<paramName>=<paramValue>]* ]


For example:


Although the recommended Virtual DataPort server client is the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool, different external clients like SQuirreL SQL, DBVisualizer, or SQL Workbench can be used to connect to the Virtual DataPort server. These clients have been successfully tested but they are not officially supported by Denodo.

In older versions of the Denodo Platform, whenever a new update for the Denodo Platform was installed, if the JDBC driver was also updated as part of the global update it was necessary to update the driver in every JDBC client using it.

From Denodo Platform 6.0 and onward when a new Denodo Platform update is installed, even if the JDBC driver is also updated, backwards compatibility is guaranteed for the JDBC client driver; client applications using the JDBC driver do not need to update the driver to the new version in order to connect to the Virtual DataPort server. However, it is still recommended to update the driver to take advantage of new functionality, optimizations, or bug fixes that might be included in the update for the benefit of client applications.


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