Defect Detected in the Denodo Platform denodo-v70-update-20201116: VCS integration

Applies to: Denodo 7.0
Last modified on: 21 Dec 2020
Tags: Update Version Control

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A defect has been detected in the Denodo Platform 7.0 Update 20201116, in the Version Control System (VCS) integration of Virtual DataPort.

Denodo is going to release an update of Denodo 7.0 in January 2021 to correct this defect.


It affects all the installations of the Denodo Platform 7.0 that use the Version Control System (VCS) integration of Virtual DataPort.

Important: if you do not use the VCS integration of Virtual DataPort, you will not be affected by this.


If you have already installed the update denodo-v70-update-20201116 or are going to install it, and you use the VCS integration of Virtual DataPort, these are the solutions available:

Solution #1

 Open a support case in the Denodo Support Site to request a hotfix addressing this issue.

Solution #2

Follow these steps if none of the elements of the databases that use VCS have been modified since the installation of the update denodo-v70-update-20201116:

  1. Edit one of the elements that are displayed as unversioned. For example, change the description of a view that is displayed as unversioned.
  2. Commit the entire database of this element.

        After this, the VCS status of the elements of this database will be restored.

  1. For each database with VCS enabled, repeat these steps if none of the elements of this database has been modified since the installation of the update denodo-v70-update-20201116.

Solution #3

Follow these steps if one or more elements of a database that uses VCS have been modified:

  1. From the VCS Management dialog, import this database again.

The goal is to create a new database with the contents of the remote repository.

  1. Repeat the changes you already made since you installed the update, on the elements of the new database.
  2. Consider deleting the old database to avoid having two databases with similar content.

Note: if you modified some databases but not all of them, you can follow the process of Solution #2 for the ones that have not been modified.


This issue is caused by a change in the mechanism that stores the VCS-status of some metadata elements. The consequence is that, after installing this update, all the elements are displayed as unversioned.


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