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Denodo Solution Manager is a tool which can be used to manage Denodo Platform Licenses, manage large Denodo Platform deployments and takes into account requirements of high availability and load balancing.

This article provides a quick start guide for the Solution Manager.


Download the Solution Manager Installer

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on Downloads > Installers, select your Denodo Platform version and then download the Solution Manager installer:
  • denodo-install-solutionmanager-8.0-win64 for Windows x64.
  • denodo-install-solutionmanager-8.0-linux64 for Linux x64.
  1. Click on Downloads > Licenses, select your Denodo Platform version and click on Actions > Get License by email and the License will be sent by email. You can also download the License directly by clicking on Download SOL License.

Video: Downloading the Solution Manager Installer and License

Installing the Solution Manager

  1. Run the installer file as Administrator.
  2. Accept the license agreement.
  3. Select the installation type: Default or Custom.
  4. Set the installation path. Ensure that the installation path does not have empty spaces in it.
  5. Provide the license file location.
  6. Select all modules to be installed.
  7. Review the summary before starting the installation process.

Video: Installing the Solution Manager

Launching Solution Manager

  1. Open the Denodo Solution Manager Control Center.
  2. Click on Solution Manager at the top left.
  3. A list of servers and web tools will be listed.
  4. Start the following servers:
  • Virtual DataPort Server (This is for Denodo 7.0 only)
  • License Manager Server.
  • Solution Manager Server.
  • Solution Manager Administration Tool.

Video: Launching Solution Manager

Creating new Environments

  1. Click on the Solution Manager Administration Tool from the Denodo Solution Manager Control Center.
  2. Log in by using the default credentials (admin/admin).
  3. Click on Environments > New Environment
  • Choose Standard Mode
  • Click on Create Environment.
  • Set a Name for this environment.
  • Select the License scenario for this environment.
  • Save this new environment.
  1. Click over the new environment > New Cluster.
  • Set a Name for this cluster.
  • Save this new cluster.
  • Click on the left side of the Environment and the new cluster will be displayed underneath
  1. Click over the new cluster > New Server.
  • Set a Name for this server.
  • Select the Type of server. There are different types available: Virtual DataPort, Scheduler, ITPilot Browser Pool, ITPilot Verification or Data Catalog. In this case, add a Virtual DataPort Server.
  • Set the Host, Port, Type, User, Password and Default database.
  • Save this new server.

Video: Creating new Environments

Connecting to the License Manager from the Denodo Platform

  1. Open the Denodo Platform Control Center.
  2. Click on Configure.
  3. Select Connect to a License Manager under License Configuration.
  • Set Host and Port of the License Manager.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Restart all servers and tools.
  1. Denodo Platform will connect to the License Manager and validate the license information every time one of the following servers startup:
  • Virtual DataPort Server.
  • Scheduler Server.
  • ITPilot Browser Pool Server.
  • ITPilot Verification Server.
  • Data Catalog Server (This is for Denodo 8.0 only)

Video: Connecting to the License Manager from the Denodo Platform


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