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When creating a JSON data source using HTTP Client as Data Route and POST as HTTP Method, there are two ways of adding parameters to the body of the request that is sent to the data source:

  1. URL Parameters: when parameters are entered as part of the URL, they will be removed from the URL and sent along with the body of the request in execution time..
  2. POST Body: when this option is selected the text entered in the text area will be sent in the body of the request without modification.

For both options, it is also possible to use interpolation variables as part of the data source configuration.

When using the POST Body option the characters “\”, “@”, “{“ and “}” have to be escaped with the character “\”. If the body of the request is loaded with the Load file option, the VDP administration tool will escape these characters automatically.

To include an interpolation variable in the body, characters “@”, “{“ and “}” should not be escaped if they are part of the interpolation variable definition, for instance, @{employee_id}.

To add interpolation variables the request body should look like:




instead of:



Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: HTTP 


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