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This document describes how to execute VQL statements from a stored procedure.


One of the main functionalities when developing a stored procedure is the possibility of executing a VQL statement to execute queries and perform CRUD operations on the Virtual DataPort database where the stored procedure is being executed.

To do so the stored procedures have a method:

public void initialize(DatabaseEnvironment environment)

that is executed when the stored procedure is initialized and can be implemented to obtain a reference to a
DatabaseEnvironment object. The database environment object represents the VDP database where the stored procedure is being executed and it provides the following methods:

  • ResultSet executeQuery(java.lang.String query): to execute SELECT statements.

  • int executeUpdate(java.lang.String query): to execute CRUD operations.

More information about these methods and the DatabaseEnvironment object is available in the API documentation:


Virtual DataPort Developer Guide: Developing Stored Procedures

Denodo Virtual DataPort 8.0.0 AP


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