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This document explains how to add a Property Group in the Denodo Data Catalog that will send an email requesting permission to access a particular view. To use this option users will need Metadata permissions on the views they can see them in the Data Catalog to be able to request read permissions on them.

Data Catalog Property Groups

So a normal user can see the option to request permissions to access a view an Administrator user can configure new Property Groups.

To do so, go to the Administration > Set-up and Management section and from there select Property Groups.

From the Property Groups section click on Add Property Group. A pop up window will show up allowing us to create a new menu option to request permissions. We will have to provide a name and description for this new property group. In addition to that we can also select where this new option will show up, in this case we are going to choose a Group Specific Tab.

Once the Property Group is created we can add a new property to the group to do so click on the Manage Properties option associated with the newly created group. From the Manage Properties section click on Add Property.

In this example we are going to create a property that sends an email to an administrator when the user wants to have access to a view.

Name: Send Email

Description: When clicking on this linke, the Denodo admin team will receive an email requesting access to the view.

Property Type: HTML

Allow variables in value: Enabled

For the Default value of the new property we are going to use a service like that will allow us to create a URL to send emails. Enter any body/subject including the variables $element_name, $database_name and $user_name, for instance:

Dear Denodo Admin,

Please provide permissions for:

- the view: $element_name

- available in vdb: $database_name

- to the username: $user_name


Email generated automatically from Denodo Data Catalog

In the mailtolink service, click on Copy Code, this service creates a URL that can be used to send email but we will need to replace any occurrence of %24 with $ so the variables used in the body of the email are preserved.

Once we have the code generated we can include it as a link in the Default Value text area, to do so we can type a text like ‘Send’ and associate a link to the text copying the code that we have previously created.

After completing these steps click on OK to save the new property.

Now that we have created a Property Group with a new Property we can assign the property group to those elements where the property can be used. Go back to the Property group management screen and for the Property Group click on Assign Property Group.

In this case we are going to assign this new property group to some views under a database called  ‘kb’. To do so we just have to drag and drop the database to the Databases area of the Assign property group screen.

Requesting permissions

Once an Administrator user has followed the steps above, a user accessing the Data Catalog will have access to this new option from the elements the property group has been assigned to.

If we click on the Send link the email client configured by the user will open with the predefined email that we have configured.

The information provided in the Denodo Knowledge Base is intended to assist our users in advanced uses of Denodo. Please note that the results from the application of processes and configurations detailed in these documents may vary depending on your specific environment. Use them at your own discretion.
For an official guide of supported features, please refer to the User Manuals. For questions on critical systems or complex environments we recommend you to contact your Denodo Customer Success Manager.


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