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This document explains how to integrate Amazon Athena into the Denodo Platform using its JDBC driver.


Amazon Athena allows connectivity from Denodo using an official JDBC driver. You can find the documentation and the download links here: Using Athena with the JDBC Driver.

Since Denodo 7.0 update 20190903, there is a native Amazon Athena database adapter. For earlier versions, the Presto adapter is the recommended solution, but there are some considerations that have to be taken into account that will be explained in the following sections.

Native Adapter

The JDBC data source can be defined like this using the native adapter for Amazon Athena:

Connection parameters details

Authentication: The authentication fields should be your AWS access key and AWS secret access key. Keep in mind that AWS security policies may need to be configured in oder to allow access to AWS resources such as Athena. We recommend following the Access through JDBC and ODBC Connections section of the Athena documentation to get detailed information on how to configure the IAM permissions policy for this purpose.

Region: Ensure you replace the value “region” in the AwsRegion field with the region where your Amazon Athena installation is located. You can check this AWS document for more information about AWS regions including a list of the available ones.

Once you have configured the connection, you can proceed to create base views. Base views can be created easily with the usual mechanism from the Create base view section:

Presto Adapter

If your Denodo 7 version isn’t 20190903 or newer, the native adapter won’t be available, so you must use the Presto database adapter.

Before creating a data source with this adapter and due to some specifics of this driver, you'll first need to set the property com.denodo.util.jdbc.introspection.allTypes to true. Note that once the property is set it is necessary to restart the VDP server.

Setting this property to true will allow all JDBC adapters in VDP (including the Presto one) to show structures other than views and tables in the metadata discovery tree during the "create base views" phase.

Now you can set up a data source filling the same parameters as explained in the Connection parameters details of the  Native Adapter section, but choosing the Presto adapter:

Base view

With both adapters, following the previous instructions, the connectivity to Amazon Athena should work properly:


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