How to set up email reports in the Denodo Testing Tool

Applies to: Denodo 8.0 , Denodo 7.0 , Denodo 6.0
Last modified on: 02 Jun 2022
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In this document, we will learn how to set up the email reporter for the Denodo Testing Tool (DTT). In addition to the basic configuration of the DTT, some email servers may need extra configuration to allow sending email reports in an automated way. We will see how to configure this when using Gmail.

Setting the email reporter option in the Denodo Testing Tool

  • Download the Denodo Testing Tool from the Denodo Connects section of Denodo’s Support Site and unzip the distribution.
  • Edit the <DTT_HOME>/conf/ configuration file and uncomment the following lines entering the correct values for the properties:

# ---------------------------

# Example Email Test Reporter

# ---------------------------<email_account_password><email_account_username><email_smtp_host>

# Recipients can be separated by spaces or commas<email_recipients_list>

# Available values are: 'full' (all test results reported), 'summary'

# (only summary with OK/FAILED tests) and 'failed' (email sent only if

# there have been failed tests).


Setting up a Gmail account

When using a Gmail account to send the reports the account has to be configured following the steps below. These configuration settings are needed to enable the sending of emails from any application external to Gmail using SMTP.

  • Log in to the Gmail account.
  • Click on the configuration menu  on the top right corner of the Gmail screen and click on Settings.
  • From the settings section go to the Accounts tab and click on the Google Account Settings.

  • From the Google Account Settings page click on the Sign-in & security option


  • In this page scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the option as “Allow less secure apps”. Set this option to ON.

Once these changes in the configuration are made the reports will be sent to the recipients configured in the configuration file of the DTT.

If you do no want to enable this option and you have 2-step Verification turned on follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google Account Settings
  • From the Google Account Settings landing page go to Security > Signing in to Google > App passwords.
  • Under App passwords enter the following information and click GENERATE:
  • Select app: Mail
  • Select device: Other (Custom name)
  • Enter Denodo Testing Tool as name
  • Click on DONE and copy the password that has been generated.
  • In your Denodo Testing Tool configuration use this password.



Depending on the mail server used similar changes may need to be made to the security configuration to allow access to the Denodo Testing Tool.


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