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The Denodo Monitor is a tool included in the Denodo Platform that logs information about the Denodo servers. The standard configuration includes monitoring options for:

  • Aracne and Aracne Index (for Denodo versions 6.0 and older)
  • Virtual DataPort
  • ITPilot Browser Pool and ITPilot Verification server (for Denodo versions 7.0 and previous)
  • Scheduler

The Denodo Platform includes an embedded Apache Tomcat that can be used, for instance, to deploy the web services defined in Virtual DataPort. Hence, it can be interesting to be able to monitor the embedded Tomcat to get information about its performance if necessary.

This article describes how to configure the Denodo Monitor to include the embedded Tomcat in the list of monitored servers.

In order to do that, you need to edit the file available in the DENODO_MONITOR_HOME/conf folder as follows:

  1. Include Tomcat in the list of remote monitors by adding a new server called “tomcat” in  the section “Denodo servers that will be monitored”.

The result will be something like this:


  1. Define a Server monitor to log data about the running threads and memory usage of the embedded Tomcat creating a new monitor called “tomcat”.

The result will be something like this:


  1. Define the connection parameters to connect the Denodo Monitor to the embedded Tomcat including the following configuration in the section “Connection Parameters to the Denodo servers”:

# ==========================================================

# Connection Parameters to the embedded Tomcat server

# ==========================================================


This example monitors the Tomcat included in a local Denodo Platform installation using the default port 9098. If the server is running on a different port, it can be modified by changing the value of the tomcat.jmx.port property.

You can find more information about how to configure the Denodo monitor in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide section DENODO MONITOR.


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: section DENODO MONITOR


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