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SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) is an in-memory appliance for SAP systems.

SAP HANA provides a JDBC driver that enables Java applications to connect to the SAP HANA database with the JDBC application programming interface. Therefore, Denodo is going to use a JDBC adapter for accessing SAP HANA as a data source.

Connecting to SAP HANA from Denodo:

  1. Check that the JDBC driver, that comes with SAP HANA, is located under one of these paths:
  • C:/Program Files/sap/hdbclient/ on Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • /usr/sap/hdbclient/ on Linux and UNIX platforms.

  1. For Denodo 8, add the driver from the Web Design Studio (or the VDP Administration Tool) by going to the menu File > Extension Management and then the Libraries tab selecting the JDBC Drivers option in the drop down menu. Then click on Import, select Version as sap-hana-2 and click on Add to upload the jar file. After doing this, you will find this driver in the location: <DENODO_HOME>/lib/extensions/jdbc-drivers-external/sap-hana-2.

For previous Denodo versions, copy the corresponding jar file to <DENODO_HOME>/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/sap-hana-2 directory. (where DENODO_HOME is the Denodo Platform installation directory) and restart the Virtual DataPort server. In the case

  1. Create a new JDBC data source:

  1. Fill the form with the following parameters:
  • Database adapter: SAP HANA 2
  • Driver class:
  • Database URI: use a connection string in the form of:


For example: jdbc:sap://host:30015/?autocommit=false. The port should follow the syntax 3<instance number>15. For example: 30015, if the instance is 00.

You can specify one or more failover servers by adding additional hosts, as in the following example:


  1. Once the data source is created, VDP will perform the introspection and will display the tables in the SAP HANA database.

  1. Using the list of introspective tables you will be able to access the data stored in SAP HANA from VDP.

Accessing SAP HANA parameterized views from Denodo

Starting with Denodo 8.0 update 20220126 SAP HANA parameterized views are supported. When importing a parameterized view with input parameters, those will be marked as input values in the introspection tree.

In the example above the parameterized view PURCHASE_ORDERS has an input parameter called IP_O_TARGET_CURRENCY that is displayed as such in the introspection window.

Once we import the parameterized view as a Denodo base view we will be able to query this view normally. The input parameter is not mandatory so we can query the view without providing any filter for the input parameter.

If we do provide a value for the input parameter fields, the queries pushed down to the SAP HANA data source will parameterize the SAP HANA view using the specific SAP HANA syntax to get a better performance for these queries. This can be seen in the execution trace of a query on top of a parameterized view.


Connect Using the SAP HANA JDBC Driver

SAP HANA data sources

The information provided in the Denodo Knowledge Base is intended to assist our users in advanced uses of Denodo. Please note that the results from the application of processes and configurations detailed in these documents may vary depending on your specific environment. Use them at your own discretion.
For an official guide of supported features, please refer to the User Manuals. For questions on critical systems or complex environments we recommend you to contact your Denodo Customer Success Manager.


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