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This document describes how to connect to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services from Denodo.


For connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services you will have to define it as a Multidimensional DB data source.

Previous considerations:

  1. The supported versions are Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 200x, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016
  2. The database adapters are already included.
  3. The only additional step for this data source is that the XMLA access needs to be enabled. If the XMLA interface is not enabled you can find the steps on how to make it available here
  4. You will need to provide the XMLA URI when defining the data source. This URI is required for any Multidimensional data source. In SSAS the XMLA url will be similar to http://ssasurl/olap/msmdpump.dll   

In order to create a multidimensional DB data source follow these steps.

  1. Go to the menu File –> New –> Data source -> Multidimensional DB
  2. Fill the fields in the dialog.
  • Name: name of the new data source.
  • Database adapter: version of the database, select the appropriate adapter. E.g. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2016
  • XMLA URI: XMLA URI to access the database. e.g. http://ssasurl/olap/msmdpump.dll   
  • Login and Password: Credentials to access the analysis service. (Note: Currently Denodo Platform supports only HTTP BASIC authentication for accessing SSAS server)


Virtual DataPort Administration guide: Multidimensional Database Sources

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