Scalar functions list in a data source

Applies to: Denodo 8.0 , Denodo 7.0 , Denodo 6.0
Last modified on: 29 May 2020
Tags: JDBC data sources ODBC data sources Performance

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When configuring JDBC or ODBC data sources it is possible to set certain features of the underlying sources such as the operations they support.

Knowing the capabilities of the data sources is important for optimization reasons since it allows Virtual DataPort to delegate to the data source as much processing as possible to improve the performance of the queries.

To edit the list of functions that Virtual DataPort will delegate to the data source go to the “Source Configuration” tab of the data source configuration. Finally, checking “Delegate scalar function list” it is possible to define the list of scalar functions that will be pushed down.

For instance, if the function “to_date” is removed from the list, it will not be delegated to the source. The same applies for the options “Delegate aggregate functions list” and “Delegate operators list”.


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Data Source Configuration Properties


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