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This document describes how to configure a “like” operator in a SOAP Web Service.


The default operator used in the input parameters of a published web service is equals '='.

In order to use the operator 'like', follow these steps:

  1. Open a SOAP web service from the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool.
  2. Expand the operation that you are invoking and open its input parameters.
  3. For the input parameter associated with the desired field click on the operator '='. This will open a drop-down menu option and you could choose ‘like’ operator from the available list of operators.
  4. Save the changes and redeploy the web service. A sample example is seen below:

After this change, the invocations of the web service will cause the query executed over the published view to have a selection condition using the operator like.


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide: Publishing SOAP Web Services.


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