How to change the JVM used by the Denodo Platform

Applies to: Denodo 7.0 , Denodo 6.0
Last modified on: 05 Mar 2018
Tags: Administration

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Changing the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) used to run the Denodo Platform servers and tools in an installation with a desktop environment is easy. Open the Denodo Control Center, click on Configure, then Edit and click on the plus icon to add a new JVM if needed. To add the new JVM only the path to the JVM installation and a description are needed.

Once the JVM has been added the default JVM to be used by the Denodo Platform can be selected from the list of Installed Java Virtual Machines. The JVM selected will be the one used any time a Denodo server or tool is started.

For Denodo Platform 7.0, change or add a Java Virtual Machine(JVM), if needed, for the Denodo Solution Manager by clicking on Configure,then Edit and plus icon in the Solution Manager Control Center.

To do the same for a Denodo installation on a headless environment (without a graphical interface or desktop environment) these steps must be followed:

  • Stop all the Denodo Platform components.
  • Edit the file <DENODO_HOME>/metadata/launcher/launcher-settings.xml to change content inside the <currentJVM> tag. For instance, if the JVM to use is installed under /opt/java/jdk1.7 replace








      <description>My JVM</description>



  • Execute the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/regenerateFiles.{bat,.sh}
  • Start the Denodo Platform components needed.

After following these steps the next time the Denodo Platform components are started they will be using the new JVM configured.

Proceed with the same steps for changing the JVM in the Solution Manager (Denodo 7.0 only) modifying the following file:


and running the script in the following path:



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