How to connect to Amazon Athena from Denodo

Applies to: Denodo 7.0
Last modified on: 30 May 2019
Tags: Cloud Amazon Athena JDBC data sources

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This document explains how to integrate Amazon Athena into the Denodo Platform using its JDBC driver.


Amazon Athena allows connectivity from Denodo using an official JDBC driver. You can find the documentation and the download links here: Using Athena with the JDBC Driver.

In order to use this driver from Denodo, you can configure a JDBC data source using the Presto adapter, but note that due to some specifics of this driver, you'll first need to set the property  com.denodo.util.jdbc.introspection.allTypes to true. Note that once the property is set it is necessary to restart the VDP server.

Setting this property to true will allow all JDBC adapters in VDP (including the Presto one) to show structures other than views and tables in the metadata discovery tree during the "create base views" phase.

Once this property is set, the JDBC data source can be defined like this:

Note that the credentials used in the Authentication fields should be your access key and secret access keys. Also, although in the screenshot above “eu-west-1” is used as a sample region, you should use here the region where your Amazon Athena installation is located.

And now, base views can be created easily with the usual mechanism from the "Create base view" section:

Now, finally, connectivity to Amazon Athena should work:


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