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Trending Topic:

Single Sign-On


Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials. Most of the organizations require single sign on to make it easier for the users to authenticate against the different applications. Denodo supports several single sign-on authentication methods, either using an external Identity Provider or using Kerberos.

In this newsletter edition, we have collected some useful resources to make you an expert on this topic:


Denodo Documentation:

The first step to configure SSO is reviewing the Documentation that includes the different steps for each of the supported authentication methods: Kerberos, OpenId, SAML and OAuth.

Configuring SSO in the Solution Manager ⟶


Idp Integration Examples:

If you would like to integrate Denodo with some of the most common Identity Providers, you can follow these guides that describe very detailed examples on how to configure the integration on both sides.



Step by Step Guide:

This Step by Step guide provides a detailed explanation on how to configure Kerberos in the Denodo server and the client tools with a full practical example. Don’t miss it if you would like to configure Kerberos!

Kerberizing Denodo for SSO ⟶



Configuring Kerberos is not always a straightforward process. In order to guide you on the most common issues, we have created this troubleshooting guide that will help you to identify the cause for some common errors.

Kerberos troubleshooting ⟶


What’s New in the Denodo Community?



Connecting Collibra to Denodo ›
Do you have Collibra in your organization? A new Denodo KB article has been published to describe the steps for connecting Collibra to Denodo. This is possible thanks to the Denodo to Collibra Integration application published by Collibra. Read more about this topic here.


Updated Article

Deploying Denodo in Kubernetes ›
Some modifications were added to the YAML templates to make sure the ports used by the Denodo components are correct and exposed in the pods.


New Video

Denodo Professional for AWS ›
In this video about Denodo Professional for AWS it is explained how easy you can subscribe to Denodo Professional and launch Denodo Platform 8.0 to start building your data solutions on AWS.


New Denodo Tutorial

Global Security Policies and Tags ›
With the January Update, Denodo Platform now includes a cool new feature Global Security Policies in the Design Studio. In this new tutorial, you will learn how to use the Denodo Platform to create tags and assign security policies along with several examples. Don’t miss it!


Data Ninja News


New Denodo 8 Update Released

The Denodo 8 20220126 update has been released with a lot of new features that will improve your experience with Denodo. Do you have 15 minutes? Don’t miss these two videos that provide a quick overview of what’s included in this latest update: This one with the Design Studio and VDP new features, and this other covering the Solution Manager, JDBC, ODBC and Scheduler enhancements.


New Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Professional Exam

A new Denodo Platform 8.0 Certified Architect Professional exam is published on the Education Site. This exam will provide organizations that use Denodo Platform 8.0 with a means of identifying suitably qualified data architects who have demonstrated real expertise in data virtualization deployments and are ready to accomplish new projects.

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