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Hello Denodo user! A new year has begun and we are excited to share our first edition of the year of the technical newsletter, designed to keep you up to date with our latest trending topics, latest updates on the technical resources available in our community site and other relevant information. Happy new year and stay tuned!


Trending Topic:

Denodo Query Optimizer


In this edition, we will be focusing on the query optimization features of Denodo. We will be exploring some different query optimization features available in Denodo. If you're looking to improve the performance of your queries and get the most out of the Denodo Platform, this edition of our newsletter is a must-read!


Denodo Documentation:

The Denodo documentation has a very detailed section describing all the features for optimizing queries included in the Denodo Platform. Take a look at this section as a first step for mastering this topic.

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Expert Trail:

Wanting to become an expert on performance optimization? Follow the Query Performance Optimization expert trail that shows a curated set of resources to master this topic.


Denodo KB article:

This article provides best practices on different topics such as the way you should build your model, the different configuration settings you should use and the caching method that best suits your scenario.

Best Practices to Maximize Performance II: Configuring the Query Optimizer ⟶

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Denodo Videos:

The Videos section of the Denodo Community has published some new videos covering this topic. Take a look at these two as a good introduction on the topic:


What’s New in the Denodo Community?



How to use AWS Secrets Manager as Credentials Vault
Using AWS Secrets Manager in your organization? Find how to integrate AWS Secrets Manager in Denodo and use it for the credentials of JDBC data sources.


NEW Article

How to integrate Denodo with SharePoint Online ›
We have created a new article with updated instructions and the best practices for integrating Denodo with SharePoint Online. This article integrates information from some previous articles that are no longer available.



Understanding RBAC in Denodo ›
Check this new video that provides a comprehensive explanation of the RBAC applied to Denodo Platform and the different security features involved in that.


New Data Virtualization Blog Post

Choosing a Data Catalog: Data Map or Data Delivery App? ›
This Data Virtualization blog post compares the Denodo Data Catalog with other Data Catalog tools and explains the advantages of using the Denodo Data Catalog to deliver the right data in the right format and how it can coexist with other tools.


Data Ninja News


New Denodo 8 Beta Update available

The Denodo 8 20221220-beta update has been released and is available in the Denodo Support Site. You can download this advanced beta version of the Denodo 8 update in order to test upcoming enhancements and bug fixes in your environment, before the official update is released. Keep in mind a Beta Update is an advanced version of an update, therefore it is only intended for testing purposes and must not be used in production environments.

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