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Hello Denodo user! We are excited to present our new edition of the technical newsletter, designed to keep you up to date with our latest trending topics, latest updates on the technical resources available in our community site, and other relevant information. Stay tuned!


Trending Topic:

Authorization and Access Control


One of the most common questions among the Denodo administrators, is how to manage the access control for the users. In this newsletter edition, we have collected a set of resources to guide you on designing your Denodo’s authorization model from the basic to the most complex scenarios. Check it out!


Virtual DataPort Administration Guide:

Review the Virtual DataPort documentation to learn how Denodo manages the user access rights starting from the basics and covering all the advanced features.

User and Access Rights in Virtual DataPort ⟶


Denodo Videos:

Wondering how to integrate your LDAP server in Denodo? Check these two videos to learn how to configure LDAP authentication in your Denodo server and import the groups as roles:


Importing LDAP roles in Virtual DataPort ⟶


Upcoming Denodo TechTalk:

Book a slot in your agenda on September 22nd to attend this Denodo TechTalk and understand how tags and global security policies fit into the architecture of the Denodo Platform, and how they can be used to classify and secure data assets. Register here.

Surpassing Element by Element Access Control: Semantic-Based Security Policies ⟶


Denodo KB article:

Are you aware of the concept of tags in Denodo? Who should tag? With what Denodo tool? What is the lifecycle of tagging? Find an answer to these questions in this Denodo KB article!

How to use Denodo Tags ⟶


What’s New in the Denodo Community?



Denodo Security Checklist ›
We have published a new article on Security Checklist which will guide you through the different steps to secure a Denodo installation. Take a look at it!



How To Automate Privileges Assignment Based On Custom Criteria ›
Looking for automating the privileges assignment based on some conditions? Review this article that contains some examples of how to assign privileges to roles or users automatically.



How to Configure Published Web Services with Oauth and Azure AD ›
We've published an article going through the configuration of Azure AD to be used as an Identity Provider for OAuth secured endpoints in the Virtual DataPort server.



GraphQL Made Easy: Building Flexible Data Access APIs
In this new Data Virtualization Blog post and video, you can check how easy it’s to build a GraphQL API using Denodo. Try it out for yourself!


Data Ninja News


New Denodo 8 August Update Released

The Denodo 8 20220815 update has just been released and it is available in the Denodo Support Site. Review this video to get informed of the new VDP and Design Studio enhancements included in this update and this one for the Data Catalog, Scheduler and Solution Manager updates so you can get the most of the new Denodo Platform features.

New Denodo 8 Docker Container Released

Check the new Denodo container version that includes some updates to align with containers and Kubernetes best practices such as allowing most of the configuration parameters to be configured through environment variables or redirecting the logs to the standard output by default. Take a look at the Denodo Docker container configuration for more information.

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