Denodo Open Data & Sandbox

Denodo offers you the opportunity of experimenting data virtualization in action.

You can connect to an online Denodo Platform deployment to access collated and curated datasets from different data sources. These connected datasets, integrated and combined to be consumed in multiple formats with full security, allows you to understand the power of applying data virtualization to govern your data and how the unique capabilities of Denodo Platform enable data-driven solutions inside your organization.

We invite you to try the following services described below. You will gain access to a sample database with data about the covid-19 pandemic. To know more about this initiative you can visit Denodo Coronavirus Data Portal.

Explore Denodo features for delivering and consuming data and experiment how agile is integrating and combining data for creating new datasets.

Denodo Open Data

The Denodo Platform offers many methods of data delivery and connection options for client applications and end users:

  • For users that want to search, filter and export data Denodo provides the user friendly Data Catalog.
  • For accessing the data through web services, Denodo offers connection methods such as REST API.
  • For using Denodo Administration Tool, or your preferred BI or SQL tool, either via the native Denodo connectors distributed by the vendors or using JDBC / ODBC.

Denodo Open Data Catalog

Explore the list of sample datasets available through the Open Data Marketplace to get direct access through the Denodo Data Catalog.

To simplify the process of finding data, Denodo offers a Web-based Data Catalog. The Data Catalog is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily search data sets, explore their data and navigate between related datasets.

For login as a guest user you can use the following credentials:
  • Username: cdm_guest
  • Password: cdm_guest0325

Denodo Open Web Services

You can explore and consume data sets using a REST API.

The Denodo RESTful Web service is an HTTP service deployed in the following URL:

This service exposes resources like databases and views in the following standard representation formats:
  • XML
  • JSON
  • HTML (more user-friendly)

You can select the output data format by passing the following parameter in the endpoint URL $format with the following type value (xml, json, html)$format=<type>

For example:$format=JSON
You can connect to the web service by entering the URL in your browser.

A popup will appear; enter the username and password for the guest user:
  • Username: cdm_guest
  • Password: cdm_guest0325

You can read the Denodo restful web services documentation .

You can try the data services tutorial.

Denodo Open Data Port

You can access Denodo Virtual Databases (vdb) using your preferred BI tool or SQL tools either via the native Denodo connectors distributed by the BI tool vendors or via JDBC / ODBC connection.

You can read the article describing the most commonly used Business Intelligence tools or the one describing how to connect with SQL clients. If your preferred tool is not listed it's very likely that you would be able to connect to Denodo using the JDBC or ODBC drivers that came with any Denodo Platform installation including Denodo Express. Alternatively you can find the Denodo drivers on the Denodo Community Site.

Connection information to sample vdb for JDBC:
  • <DATABASE_NAME>: covid_19_data
  • <user_name>: cdm_guest
  • <password>: cdm_guest0325

Sample JDBC connection URL:

Connection information to sample vdb information for ODBC:
  • <DATABASE_NAME>: covid_19_data
  • <user_name>: cdm_guest
  • <password>: cdm_guest0325

Denodo Open Sandbox

The Denodo Open Sandbox allows you to get your hands dirty with the core features of Denodo's award-winning data virtualization platform: a virtual database is provisioned for your exclusive use in a shared Denodo Virtual Data Port (VDP).

Get Access to the Open Sandbox