Test Drives

Take Denodo for a Test Drive Get behind the wheel and start driving!

Denodo Test Drives enable anyone to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using data virtualization with Denodo Platform on the cloud. It is completely free of charge for demonstration, education and evaluation purposes.

The Test Drive provides a private sandbox environment containing a preconfigured solution that demonstrates how data virtualization brings agility and flexibility to multiple use cases. In under an hour, and using a step-by-step guide you will experience how to quickly take advantage of multiple data sources independent of location and format with zero replication.

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The Denodo Platform for AWS


The Denodo Platform for Azure


The Denodo Platform for GCP


The Denodo Platform for Alibaba

A 30 day Free Trial

is available for users who would like to explore data virtualization beyond the scenarios covered in each of the Test Drive use cases. You can start a free trial under your account on AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP (Google cloud platform) to experience the full spectrum of features and capabilities offered by the Denodo Platform. Start Now