Data Catalog and Data Science on AWS

The current data landscape is fragmented. Data lakes, IoT architectures, noSQL, SaaS, etc. coexist with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, ML and AI. Exploring and understanding the data available within your company is a time consuming task. Denodo allows you to browse the existing datasets and sample data from its catalog. It's advanced federation engine allows you to quickly analyze the data, regardless of the location. Data Scientist and Business Analysts alike will find this test drive incredibly helpful to understand how a data virtualization layer can:

  • Use the catalog to seamlessly explore and document the company data assets
  • Improve their insights by providing access to new data
  • Provide Immediate access to any data, with no replication
  • How to use a state-of-the art SQL-on-anything engine
This test drive will walk you through the connect, combine, and consume steps for accessing the data that you need for your ML models, using a easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Checkout the FAQ for more details. Launch Test Drive

Still hesitating if the AWS Test Drive is right for you? Here’s why you will not want to miss out:

  • Access a fully provisioned AWS EC2 instance that runs the award winning Denodo 8.0 platform
  • Create data input for a ML model that predicts demand for New York Citibikes using real datasets from Citibike trips and NOAA weather data
  • Learn how to transform and clean data using the Denodo development environment
  • Find the data you need for a ML model using the Denodo Data Catalog
  • Easily access training and test data sets, and load it into a ML model algorithm
  • Make use of Apache Zeppelin to run interactive queries to the Denodo Platform, draw charts and run Python code

Enjoy the drive!

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