Data as a Service (DaaS) on GCP

This test drive is built on the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem to solve typical challenges faced by data engineers and data analysts It provides core capabilities in terms of simplifying access to variety of data sources through a unified set of APIs to help accelerate analytical processing and servicing the data through restful web services and data virtualization techniques. The test drive will walk you through the connect, combine, and consume steps for exposing data to consumers. You will be given an easy to follow step-by-step guide that will demonstrate the power and simplicity of Denodo’s data virtualization platform. You can complete the test drive in approximately an hour, but the test drive environment will be available for a total of two hours. If needed, you can always launch a new test drive to gain more experience with the platform.

Checkout the FAQ for more details. Launch Test Drive

Still not sure if the GCP Test Drive is right for you? Here’s why you will not want to miss out:

  • Access a fully provisioned Google VM instance that runs the award winning Denodo 8.0 platform
  • In a short span of two hours, experience the “Data as a Service” scenario of building a virtual data services layer using “Connect, Combine and Consume” capabilities across complex data sources on Google Cloud
  • Learn how to create a business model using open data sets from the City of Chicago data portal (multi-million rows), spread across Google Big Query, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Web Services and more
  • Use step by step instructions to define virtual views in Denodo using a fully pre-configured solution
  • Build a dashboard analytic reports using a retail use case example of same store sales analysis
  • You can explore the 14 days free trial, if you are already familiar with Denodo and GCP