These step-by-step tutorials cover a series of topics about the Denodo Platform. We talk about how to develop Data Virtualization projects with Denodo Virtual DataPort, how to build data combinations that come from different data sources, how to expose virtualized data as a service, and more.

I. DV Basics

DV fundamentals

Ready to begin your Data Virtualization journey? The DV Basics tutorial will guide your first steps with the Denodo Platform: from installing and configuring the software to connecting to data sources, combining them and publishing data for client applications. Get a full view of the whole architecture of Denodo with our first tutorial.

II. Data Services

Data Services

Take the next conceptual step with the Data Services tutorial. In this guide we review the concept of enterprise-wide data services created from disparate data sources and what benefits they bring to your company. Explore the different publication options and protocols that the Denodo Platform offers, so you can make sure that the data you combined can be consumed by any client, anywhere, and discover the power Data Virtualization brings to the enterprise.

III. Big Data

Big Data

The recent explosion of big data systems has brought amazing benefits to the data processing infrastructure. But many companies have found that it also raises other barriers, as the data that is stored in a big data system is yet another silo in the IT infrastructure. Bridge this new gap with Denodo, and unlock that data again while getting the full benefits of big data - how do you do it? This tutorial will show you in detail.

IV. Agile BI

Agile BI

Learn how the Denodo Platform empowers you to take Business Intelligence to the next level. In this course we show how easy it is to combine different sources of information, traditionally siloed, to gain insight into the real story the data is trying to tell you about your company. In this tutorial we will use Denodo to combine data from databases and Excel files and publish it so our BI tool receives an improved dataset for greater value.

V. Web Automation

Wrb Automation

Discover how to use the power of Data Virtualization to integrate information found on the web with information in your data center. This course offers step-by-step instructions to implement the most useful patterns of integration with web pages, such as browsing through sites, authentication, extraction of data, etc. so you are not limited to the data you have in-house.

Denodo training

Ready for more? Great! We offer a comprehensive set of training courses, taught by our technical instructors in small, private groups for getting a full, in-depth guided training to use the Denodo Platform. Check out our training courses.