First steps - Launching Denodo

Denodo is a global solution for heterogeneous and dispersed data source integration using a virtual approach. It can connect to a wide range of data sources like relational databases, web services, xml documents, flat files, multidimensional databases, json sources, etc.

Denodo will create "wrappers" on top of those data sources to create a common interface to access them. Then, a user can combine the data coming from the different data sources defining views (using the Administration Tool GUI).

The diagram below shows the general architecture of the Denodo Platform:

Control Center

After the Denodo installation, a desktop icon is generated for Denodo 5.5.

First, we have to double-click on that icon to launch the Denodo Platform Control Center.

Administrator privileges are required for installing / starting the servers in Windows environments (Right click > Run as administrator).

In Linux environments the user which performs the installation / start the servers (could be different) must have write / execute privileges.

The error "Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects" may appear in other case.


Now, click on the VDP icon on the left side to open the Denodo Virtual DataPort section. You can proceed to start the Denodo server (Virtual DataPort server) clicking on the 'Play' button.

When the Control Center shows the server is on-line, you can press the start button of the Administration Tool box.