Agile performance - Cache at Server Level

As you already know, Denodo includes a module to store local copies of the data as required. This cache will use a Relational Database accessible through JDBC protocol (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Netezza, Oracle TimesTen, etc).

To use the cache system it can be enabled at server level or at database level. For this tutorial we will configure the cache at server level. Let's see how to configure the Denodo server to use cache:

  1. Log in using a global administrator user (for example, admin).
  2. In the top menu, go to Administration > Server configuration > Cache.
  3. Set the Cache status to "On".
  4. Select the appropiate Database adapter (in this tutorial you have to select "Embedded Derby server").
  5. Click on "Ok" button.

"Embedded Derby server" should only be used for testing purposes with very low load.


In the next section you will learn how to configure what views have to be cached.